ReLAB – Laboratory for the development and the performance assessment of renewable energy appliances for heating, cooling and DHW.

RELAB is one of the laboratories of “Politecnico di Milano” which addresses its offer to HVAC and domestic hot water production industries. It provides a wide range of test services aimed at the research and development of products and at the acoustic and performance evaluation in accordance to the most recent standards (such as EN 14511, EN14825, EN16147, EN1397, EN12309, EN16583 and EN12102) and European regulation (ECO design, ECO Label and ErP directives).

RELAB is a laboratory accredited (by ACCREDIA) since 2014 according to the standard EN ISO IEC 17025. It is also one of the recognized European laboratories for obtaining the European quality label “Heat Pump Keymak”.

RELAB facilities allow testing different types of appliances for residential, commercial and industrial uses such as heat pumps, liquid chillers, heat pumps for domestic hot water production, sorption heat pumps gas fired or thermally driven and fan coils. The laboratory is equipped for testing air conditioners and static air-to-air heat recovery exchangers as well.

RELAB intend to be one of the few, independent and accredited (according to the standard EN ISO IEC 17025) third-part Italian laboratories. It allows sector companies to reduce the costs of qualified personnel and facilities for performing tests on their products. It provides the experience of the Politecnico di Milano in the scientific field to support companies in the experimentation and in the research innovative and highly efficient solutions.


Tested appliances

  • Heat pumps
  • RLiquid chilling packages/chillers
  • Heat pumps for Domestic Hot Water production
  • Gas heat pumps and chillers
  • Fan coils
  • Air conditioners and het pumps
  • Heat recovery devices

Offered services

  • Accredited tests according to EN ISO IEC 17025
  • Tests for the nominal and seasonal performance assessment according to the reference standards
  • Test at design and off-design conditions and at the operating limit conditions
  • Research and development of products and components
  • Development and tuning of simulation tools
  • Acoustic tests “in-situ” and in laboratory according to the reference standards
  • Prove acustiche secondo norma sia in ambiente controllato (laboratorio) che “in situ”
  • Acoustic mapping by using microphone arrays (sound source directivity)
  • Acoustic characterization and optimization of products



  • Double chamber calibrated calorimeter (up to 25kW)
  • Double chamber calibrated calorimeter (up to 100kW)
  • Test bench for domestic hot water heat pumps
  • Test bench for gas heat pumps
  • Test bench for Heat recovery devices
  • Acoustic instrumentation


Operating ranges

  • Rated power of device under test: up to 100kW
  • Indoor environment temperature (DB): +5 °C ÷ +60°C
  • Outdoor environment temperature (DB): -30°C ÷ +60°C
  • Relative Humidity (RH): 20% ÷ 95%
  • Heat transfer medium temperature: -20°C ÷ +90°C
  • Heat transfer medium flow rate: 0.12 m3/h ÷ 24 m3/h
  • Frequency band (for acoustic tests): 100Hz÷10kHz


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