Renewable Heating and Cooling systems

The “heating and cooling systems” team develops innovative heating and cooling systems that use the refrigeration cycle. The main research activity consists in the experimental characterization and the numerical modelling of the heat and mass transfer processes (evaporation, condensation, absorption, frosting) that occur in the heat exchanger (e.g., plate, falling film, finned-tube) employed in vapor compression and absorption heat pumps. The outcomes of the research activity serve as the basis for developing machine prototypes (thermally driven chillers, electrical and gas driven heat pumps) and improving software tools in support of the design phase of heat pumps and the assessment of their energy performance in the main applications (heating and cooling of buildings, air conditioning, refrigeration).


PROJECTS (projects page):

  • i-GAP: italian + innovative + intelligent + impacting Gas Absorption Heat Pump
  • Heat4U
  • Med Desire – Mediterranean development of support schemes for solar initiatives and renewable energies
  • Casablanca – Solar Thermal technologies for Casablanca hospital
  • Cubis – Cogenerazione Urbana da Biomassa e Solare
  • Prosol industrie
  • Solair – Increasing the market Implementation of Solar Air-Conditioning Systems for Small and Medium Applications in Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Solera – Integrated small scale solar heating and cooling systems for a sustainable air-conditioning of buildings
  • Medisco – MEDIterranean food and agro industry applications of Solar cooling technologies
  • Solnet – Advanced solar heating and cooling for buildings


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